Very exciting!

A knock on my door ensured that my Standard Poodle barked for about the gazillionth time today (okay, I’m exaggerating but it sure felt like it).  I’d had my usual mail, the usual junk posted through the letter box and my grocery delivery all within the space of about an hour.  This last knock on the door just about irritated the living life out of me as I was just in the middle of an illustration edit for book number three.  I stormed into the hallway expecting some more junk about a new fast food delivery service when I saw a delivery bod stood outside.  I quickly opened the door to see a slightly worried fellow (my poodle has a big bark) clutching an amazon box and wafting one of those little digital signature receiving thingies at me.  I squealed in delight hoping that it was the first hard copy of my first book and nearly knocked the poor chap off of his feet as I grabbed the parcel shouting “It’s my book!”.  I don’t think the fellow had the first idea that a book could be so exciting and kept glancing nervously at my bouncing poodle who had caught the excitement bug off of me. I signed the proferred electric gadget in some scrawled version of my name that nobody will ever be able to decipher and rushed inside to open the carboard box.

It was!!  It was my real, actual, printed and very glossy book!  It looks soooo good!

I couldn’t wait to pick my son up from school to show him.  Needless to say, when he finally arrived indoors and saw the book, he too couldn’t wait to get his hands on it and take a look.  He has since declared that he would like some pretend alien antenna to be Alien Andy for world book day at school …  so I guess I’ll be looking at spaceman costumes and antenna on ebay when world book day pops around again.   That’s one I’ll be looking forward to.  At least he’ll know a lot about the author!

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