The Voice of Adoption

I always threatened that I’d write a book about my adoption journey.  I’d written a ton of notes as my journey progressed about my thoughts and feelings during each stage and always knew that, one day, I’d put them all together in one place.  However, I wanted this book to be more than just my voice and so I asked the adopters on one of the adoption support groups I lurk on for any contributions to the book and was amazed at the number of responses I got.  It seemed that other adopters wanted their voices heard too and so I started this project of putting our voices together in one simple-to-read book.
I’m proud to say that these words are now available for the world to see and I hope that someone out there finds value in what I have to say.  If it helps one person to navigate their personal adoption journey with a little more clarity then that, my friends, is good enough for me … and adoption is all about being “good enough”.

You may be want to read this book for any number of reasons: You could be considering Adoption for yourself; you could be in the process of becoming an adoptive parent; you could have been adopted as a child,  you could be an adopter with your own family; or simply be interested in Adoption as a topic of interest. Whatever the reason, it may very well be a good opportunity to walk you through how Adoption happens here in a currently cold and blustery England through my own journey and experiences.

Incidentally, that front cover image is one I took not long after he came home to me.  Those shoes were the first shoes I bought for my son as soon as I knew his shoe size.  I couldn’t wait for them to arrive (I already had the Wonder Woman ones!) and as soon as he popped them on his feet, we snapped this photograph and it has been one of my favourites ever since. There’s a superhero inside all of us and who better to represent adoption than Superman?

"I simply cannot imagine that it’s possible for anyone to love another more than I love my son. I didn’t grow him in my tummy (no stretch marks – yay for me!), I didn’t bring him home from hospital and I didn’t get to choose his name but I chose him and that is just as significant. I was chosen for him and that is monumental."

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