Super Saturday

It’s Super Saturday today!

Pubs, restaurants, cafes and caravan parks are opening up again today and the nation seems to be buzzing. 

Caravanning forums are filled with photos of people embarking in journeys and pitching up on sites. The motorways are rammed full of white boxes. 

Hairdressers are working super hard to get people ready for a night out on the town with their friends and kids are rushing to the play parks to burn off steam. 

The police force are ramping up their numbers this weekend in anticipation of things getting a little rowdy. 

In all of the excitement to get businesses opened up again and get cash flowing through the economy I cant help but feel like families have been forgotten. I haven’t seen my brother and his family in over three months now and that sucks. My son is missing his aunt, uncle and cousins. Why is it that we can all go to a pub but we can’t have a hug? Is it because hugs are free and, therefore, not of benefit to the country’s finances? You can’t tell me that the drunken lads and ladies out tonight will be social distancing.

I shan’t be rushing out to a pub or a restaurant just yet. I just want to be able to hug my family. 

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