Mattress dilemma

This past few months I’ve been waking up like an old person. Aching and creaking my way through my morning coffee feeling like I needed hip, knee, back and neck replacement surgery.
It occurred to me that it may not just be my age that’s causing these aches and pains but it could very well be my mattress. Mine is a hybrid mattress so it can’t be flipped but I do turn it regularly. However, on consideration, it’s probably too old now.
Like most people, I have a favoured side of the bed. I sleep on the left whilst Amber (the Poodle) sleeps on the right. It occurred to me that I’ve probably worn out the same two corners but the other two might be ok so, that night, I decided to sleep on the other side of the bed just to see if it made any difference.
oh boy. Huge difference. I woke up feeling 20 years younger! So I’ve moved my bedside belongings over to the other bedside cabinet and figure that this will give me some time to save up for and choose a new mattress.

Only one problem … Amber.
Amber is a creature of habit. She has slept on the same part of my bed for over 7 years and is not happy about this change.

if looks could kill …

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