Litter munchies

My dogs are disgusting.
Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly but all three of them, without exception, will raid my cat’s litter tray and munch on the contents. What’s worse is they will drag out the poop, carry it to the sofa and eat it on there whilst leaving bits of litter and poop across the floor and sofa itself. It’s absolutely vile.
To top it off they will then find you and huff in your face to allow you the full effect of warm cat poo breath. It makes me retch every time.
I have tried various cat litter trays and options over the years. I’ve had simple trays costing mere pounds to super expensive self-cleaning litter robots costing hundreds of pounds. The litter robots worked well for a time but when things go wrong on them (invariably the electronics), they are hideously expensive to repair.
The most recent was the litter spinner which you turn manually to clear away solid matter and this, again, worked well. However, you have to absolutely run as soon as you notice your cat has been to the toilet to rotate it before the dogs get there and I can guarantee it’s always whilst eating dinner that Perry decides to poop. The litter spinner is also an absolute pain to clean as you have to unscrew the thing to get inside it for a good scrub.

I’ve searched high and low for the perfect solution. I have a large Standard Poodle who can reach into high things and two chihuahuas who can get into low things. I needed something high enough for Amber not to be able to get into but not too high for Perry to access comfortably. I wanted something easy to clean and dog-proof. It doesn’t exist. Plenty would be fine if you only have small dogs but very few exist against large dogs and they’re all terribly expensive. Some are simply a plastic box with a hole in the lid costing upwards of £40 and I was seriously unimpressed.
It was the day that I discovered Amber happily munching away on cat poop using my slipper as a plate that really tipped me over the edge.
What I wanted doesn’t exist to buy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be invented.

I braved the long queue for Ikea, followed the one way system around the store, avoiding close proximity to any strange potential covid carrier, and made my way to the marketplace section to investigate tubs and storage boxes. Once there I discovered their “Sortera” storage bins in two sizes. I bought two of each to make two separate cat toilets for my home.

Once home I managed to remove the hinged flap of the larger bin which would allow top entry access for Perry, filled the bottom with cat litter and stacked it on top of the smaller bin. Stacking one on top of the other gives extra height to prevent Amber being able to reach and the smaller tub is also very handy for waste bags and the scoop to keep everything convenient and tidy.
I’m very happy to report that we are now in our second week using these new litter boxes and they are working a treat. The dogs no longer get access to kitty litter treats, I no longer have to vacuum 5-6 times a day to pick up cat litter, the cat poop breath is a thing of the past and my sofa and slippers are safe!


Perry on top of his throne
give me some privacy, mum!

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