I’m not generally an anxious person which is probably what helps me to just get on with things. However, there are things that can cause a feeling of anxiety and it’s not a pleasant feeling. If an event or situation is coming up that’s causing me to feel some trepidation then my comfort blanket has always been to write lists.
Indeed, I could spend far more time writing lists and getting prepared to study than doing any actual studying when I was at school which wasn’t always a good thing but it certainly helps to alleviate stress. At least, it does for me.
Before I bought my caravan I had lists of everything I needed, everything I would like and everything I definitely didn’t want. This helped me to make a choice on which caravan to buy.
Before I set off on our first trip I made lists on everything to do at each point in the process so that I wouldn’t forget anything.

I’ve dredged those lists up again now as the anxiety has resurfaced a bit and I simply don’t want to forget anything.

I’ve even set up a list for meal plans for our time away and the resultant shopping lost required. Of course, I do hope we will be able to eat out occasionally and have cheeky takeaway but if I have enough food for the entire week then I am covered for any eventuality. I also pack extras for “just in case”

I figure that someone else may Brie me and like to have lists. If you find any of mine helpful then you’re welcome to use them.

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